More than 10 years ago Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains and gave hints where to find it. Now the chest has been found. 


Treasure Hunt - Searching for Fenn's Legacy accompanies adventurers Bene and Richard on their search for the legendary treasure. 

Treasure Hunt - Searching for Fenn's Legacy

48 min. | Documentary


Forrest Fenn is 83 years of age and has lived a lifetime of adventures. He was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, he has searched for (and found) treasures across the globe, he owns a gallery in Santa Fe (New Mexico) and he is rich. Very rich. When he was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago, he decided to wake the adventurous spirit in people and to memorialize himself through this intiative. He began to fill an old bronze chest with treasures:  gold nuggets, golden coins, animal figurines from the same time as Christopher Columbus, antique japanese ornaments made of jade, gemstones. The total weight was of around 20 kilograms. For about four years, he hid this chest in the Rocky Mountains. Somewhere north of Santa Fe. He then published a poem giving away nine clues as to where it was hidden. If interpreted correctly, the poem leads you to the treasure. He gave five additional clues in various interviews. And so it lied somewhere out there, and who else but two austrian children should find it? Welcome to Project Silva!

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