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Sunny Side of the Doc: The Connected Edition is right around the corner and we are looking forward to presenting the latest UNIVERSUM History docs. Start your summer season right with King Richard, Queen Victoria and Elisabeth of Austria


Meet our sales team and ORF's commissioning editors at the virtual stand and explore our upcoming factual highlights.

Richard the Lionheart - The Trapped King

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


Even in his own time, King Richard personified all the ideals of knighthood. His legend is intertwined with that of King Arthur, whose sword Excalibur he wore. King of England, warrior, ruler and violent killer; six feet tall, with flaming red hair and beard – and a passion for poetry, he was also a master strategist at a time when Europe’s dynasties were engaged in a vicious struggle for power. But his heroic life took a fateful turn when – at age 35 – he wore the wrong clothes in the wrong place at the wrong time ...

Passion and Power – Queen Victoria's Secrets

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


Photos show her as the stolid mother of the nation, a cliché of the Victorian Age. But is this the whole truth? Or was her private side as extraordinary as new discoveries show? Her name sums up a century of bourgeois economic progress and imperialism – the zeitgeist of the Industrial Revolution. But was she a queen for the people? Did she alleviate the hunger and misery of the working classes? New documents show that this queen had a darker side. The film looks behind the clichés and court propaganda to reveal who Victoria really was: a strongwilled and passionate woman, an intrepid monarch who fought for Britain’s supremacy against the emerging political forces of the 19th Century.

Beauty and Despair – Austria’s Empress Sisi

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


She was perhaps the most unusual empress of the 19th century. Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sisi to the Habsburg family. At the age of 36 this tall, dark beauty refused to be photographed so that she could remain forever a legend. From that moment, she became a mystery. Escaping the straitjacket of royal life, Habsburg etiquette and the obligations of Europe's biggest continental empire, she set out on a journey to find herself - an act of self-definition that makes her an idol even today - and yet she remains an enigma.

Defiance – Three Women and the Vote

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


In 1910 a small group of women risks everything in the struggle for self-determination, fair wages and the right to vote. They are ridiculed, ostracized, even arrested - but never disheartened. Soon more women - and some men - join them, and by 1919 they have succeeded: Austria and Germany introduce the vote for women. Most European countries will follow later.

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