International Emmy Awards: Women on the judging front and networking in Vienna


Vienna is a pivotal stopover if you are making your way to the International Emmy Awards! The "Emmys" are considered the "Oscars of Television" and will be presented in New York City on November 25, 2019.  With an initiative from ORF-Enterprise, IMZ International Music + Media Centre and Cult Film, the Semi-Final Round of Judging for the most important television award in the world, took place on June 13th (for the sixth time) in Vienna. Thirty-three jurors from 13 European countries and Japan viewed submissions in the categories "Arts Programming" and - for the first time this year - "Best Performance by an Actress" at the Hilton Vienna Plaza.


Austria was also represented in the juries, with a noticeably high percentage of female judges

International submissions were considered by, among others, the actress Verena Altenberger (recipient of a Romy Prize), Konstanze Breitebner (who has won several international awards), the authors and directors Elisabeth Scharang, Sarah Wassermair and Catalina Molina,  as well as Julia Sengstschmid (editor at ORF's department for TV-movies).


"We are proud that this year, for the first time, we are also judging in the category 'Best Performance by an Actress' and that Austrian women have an important influence in the world's most important television award. This is an important sign of the great achievements of women in the film and television industry," says ORF-Enterprise Managing Director Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder.


"In the Semi-Final Round of Judging, the domestic scene networks with international guests to talk about co-operations and new projects. The category 'Arts Programming' is in good hands in Austria, a nation notable for its incredible culture. Music and dance play an important role in the media world," explains IMZ Managing Director Katharina Jeschke.


"The International Emmy Awards are the global benchmark for the television industry. The Semi-Final Round of Judging in Vienna is a wonderful opportunity to look outside the box and expand international contacts," stresses the Austrian film company owner (Cult Film) Burkhard W. R. Ernst.


Cocktail Prolongé at the Palais Schönburg: Splendid media get-together

At the end of the jury day, the international jurors came together at the invitation of ORF-Enterprise, IMZ International Music + Media Centre and Cult Film for an elegant Cocktail Prolongé at the Palais Schönburg in Vienna to network and exchange information about current projects.

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