2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II (September 1939 – 1945).
A war that radically altered the political alignment of the globe and went down in history as a turning point of the 20th century.


ORF-Enterprise presents a line-up of documentaries, bringing resistance fighters into limelight, giving insights into political and historical education on the location of a former crime scene – the Mauthausen concentration camp, exploring the questionable propinquity of inventors and pioneers to the Nazi regime as well as critically re-visiting the arrival of Adolf Hitler in Linz/Austria in March 1938.

Stauffenberg’s Adjutant - Robert Bernardis

1 x 55 min.


Robert Bernardis is one of many people history has forgotten: Born in 1908 in Innsbruck, Bernardis was the only Austrian national directly involved in the assassination attempt of Hitler on July 20, 1944. Executed soon thereafter, his life became an example of how a loyal officer can become Hitler’s greatest threat by experiencing the inhumanity of his warfare.

Fighting for Resistance – Irene Harand

1 x 52 min.


During the time of the Nazi regime Irene Harand was fighting against the emerging nationalism, racism and antisemitism but above all against the hatred that was stirred up and instrumentalized by the demagogues for political purposes. The concept of the "new policy" was utterly simple, yet so perfidious: precise enemy images that could be blamed for all evil. Moreover, the demagogues of that time knew how to extensively spread their political agitation through new media.

Mauthausen - A Memorial Through the Ages

1 x 52 min.


An international committee took up a five year challenge to try a redesign of the memorial at the Mauthausen concentration camp– a place rich in history and importance. It was an interdisciplinary work with demanding aspects for all participants. How to start a project to such an extent? How to make the right decisions? How to communicate the desired content? Contemporary witnesses of all over the world describe their experiences in the concentration camp. They tell the impressive background stories of new exhibits and set new impulses for the international dealing with the Nazi era.

Hitler’s Arrival – The Reasons for Being Welcomed

1 x 45 min. 


In March 1938, Linz was the backdrop for a historical event. Adolf Hitler completed the annexation of Austria by the German Reich here because of the rapturous reception given to him by the city of his youth. Images of the Anschluss show cheering crowds singing and waving enthusiastically. But many people were also sceptical and cautious. What was March 1938 really like?

Hitler and the Children from Obersalzberg

1 x 52 min.


The Obersalzberg retreat in Berchtesgaden near the border with Salzburg was the summer residence and retreat of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and his closest confidants in the Nazi regime, with their families. The public are mainly familiar with the film footage and photographs from the alleged Nazi idyll. For the first time, eye witnesses are willing to talk about their experiences in Obersalzberg.


Inventors Under the Swastika

1 x 48 min.


National Socialist times saw a succession of flamboyant and talented inventors and pioneers, who on the one hand took advantage of the opportunities under the Nazis, and on the other hand were exploited by the Nazis for their own purposes. Gunther Burstyn (inventor of a forerunner of the tank), Ernst Heinkel (aeronautical pioneer), Viktor Schauberger (inventor of the “Repulsine” flying saucer) and Felix Wankel (inventor of the Wankel engine) all have one thing in common: although none of them had a university education, their names are inextricably linked with innovation and technical progress, even today.

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