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We are delighted to present our spring highlights for the upcoming MIPTV 2019.


With the two-parter "Greece – The Wild Side” presents the Southeastern European country, showing its unique contrasts and wild animals that have disappeared from the rest of Europe. Join our journey to isolated places like the Vikos Gorge - Europe's Grand Canyon - where western rock nuthatches make perfect bottle-shaped nests out of the insects they catch. Chameleons, the astonishing colour-changing heroes of the Greek Islands, with their startling hunting, mating and reproduction strategies.


The 4K production “Cuba’s Wild Revolution” features Cuba’s very own fast-moving, deadly but threatened crocodile species, to the city geckos that migrated from Africa, lazy giant iguanas that go crazy in the mating season, and pythons and bats, deep in dark caves, hunting and evading each other by smell and echolocation.


The two ORF UNIVERSUM History Highlights “Passion and Power – Queen Victoria’s Secrets” and “Beauty and Despair – Austria’s Empress Sisi” portray the lives of two of the most multifaced rulers of the 19th century. The documentaries reveal the private sides of these remarkable women and take a look behind their official image.


In the new ORF comedy series "Walking on Sunshine" everything revolves around the sunny and dark sides of the life of the employees in the weather department of a TV-station. The plot revolves around the weather, the people, with their highs and lows, ups and downs.


As a musical highlight we are proud to present "The Csárdás Princess", a colourful performance from the Vienna Volksoper including a bittersweet love story set on the brink of the First World War.

Find out more about our program highlights at and meet us during MIPTV 2019 at stand no. P-1.L1.


Our team is looking forward to meeting you in Cannes next week!


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