Celebrate with us the International World Water Day on March 22nd ! From 4K Nature and Wildlife Highlights, the journey over Vienna’s waterways to the drought in Cape Town - our brand new documentaries present the various aspects of water - the source of life.

Wild Austria - Created by Water

2 x 50 min. | 4K


Austria’s love affair with water has given her unique and amazing lanscapes and biospheres, carved out by Alpine glaciers, ancient seas and mighty rivers, home to iconic animals like eagles, wild boar, ibex, otters and deer.

Lake Traun

1 x 45 min. | HD 


This programme shows the people whose lives are rooted in the area around the Traunsee, and their way of life. Carved out of the Limestone Alps, the Traunsee is the deepest inland lake in Austria, and so is only ever slightly warm, even in summer.

Wilderness on the Water - Lake Constance

1 x 52 min. | HD


No other European destination has as many incoming and out-going “flights” as Lake Constance: it’s the main hub for migratory birds in Western Europe. This film explores the secrets above and below the surface and on the banks of this lake which links Austria, Germany and Switzerland with no borders in between.

Vienna’s Water

1 x 49 min. | HD


This three-part documentary tells the story of the rivers Danube, Old Danube and the Vienna River that flow through the city of Vienna. The Vienna River is the most important landmark in western Vienna. It connects Schönbrunn Palace with the The Vienna Naschmarkt and the Stadtpark.

Cape Town is Drying Out

1 x 30/45 min. | HD


South Africa’s Cape Town could be the first metropolis to run out of water. For years the city has been plagued by a once in a century drought, and the reserves in the dams are threatening to dry out. "Day Zero", the day on which there is no more water in the pipes, could just be averted - but the state of emergency remains in force.



1 x 22 min. | HD


“Water” examines the use of the resource water and shows how many tons of plastic are washed into the Black Sea every day.

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