On April 7th World Health Day focuses on our greatest good. Learn more about the newest findings, modern and traditional treatments from our documentaries. 

Pain, be Gone! – New Ways of Treatment

1 x 52 min. | HD


Back pain, limb pain and headaches: permanent features of life for millions of people. Contrary to what has long been popular belief, however, chronic pain is not merely a symptom, but a disease in itself. And it is treatable.

Healing from Within – Medicine between Orient and Occident

1 x 45 min. | HD 


Even in European hospitals, Ayurveda is a medicine that has been applied individually to different kinds of symptoms and disease patterns. The journey begins in Varansi, in the northwest of India: along the waterfront of the Ganges, Varansi is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world and is considered the holy city of Hinduism. Between tradition and modern age, health is being attached to great importance. For this sake the secrets of nature, healing plants and herbs as well as the healing arts of Ayurveda are being explored.

Gold Mine Health

1 x 45 min. | HD


Strength training with barbells and the bench three times a week, at least one yoga session and a daily run: having the perfect body is the ultimate ideal in today’s achievement orientated society. Available for purchase in fitness studios, shops selling training gear, speciality sports nutrition shops and in the form of apps that provide motivation and show your progress. But being slim is so yesterday; today you have to have defined muscles. And that’s why so many people push themselves to the limit.

Medical Cannabis

1 x 25 min. | HD


Cannabidiol is a natural product and legally used for treatments of pain, cancer and epilepsy.

How Healthy is our Bread?

1 x 52 min. | HD


More and more people are suffering from wheat and gluten intolerance. Wheat protein was long considered to be the cause of this scourge, and today gluten free products are on all the supermarket shelves. However, there is now increasing suspicion that it is not wheat but how it is processed that makes bread a potentially unhealthy food.


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