Celebrating the International Women's Day on March 8th, we are delighted to present our line-up of documentaries with remarkable women in the limelight.

Images of Women – Juxtapositions: The Artists of the Viennese Modernism

1 x 52 min. | HD


The years between 1890 and 1918 were one of the highlights in the history of Austria. The “Viennese Modernism”, or Viennese Modern Age, was characterised by huge innovation in art, literature, architecture, music, psychology, philosophy and society. But it is only men who are known as the pioneers of this movement. But also many female artists were part of the dawning of the modern age, managing to assert themselves in the art world despite the hostile environment.

Vienna’s Glamorous Women

1 x 45 min. | HD 


It-girl culture first originated around 1900. Witty, self assured, bold young women dressed themselves up, got themselves seen and became fashion icons. Even for fine society ladies. On stage and at parties, mysterious, alluring and glamorous women cast off tradition and old fashioned role models.

The Queen of Vienna - Anna Sacher and her Hotel

1 x 52 min. | HD


The legendary Sacher Hotel in Vienna has been the realm of the social elites for almost 150 years. Since it first opened in 1876, the hotel has represented cosmopolitan openness, the ultimate in culinary artistry, the very fi nest patisserie and courtly ritual with a clear division of roles. To the present day the hotel is attuned to the heartbeat of one woman: Anna Sacher. She blended a highly attractive mix of the private and public spheres that the elites of European society could not eschew.

Fighting for Resistance – Irene Harand

1 x 45 min. | HD


During the time of the Nazi regime Irene Harand was fighting against the emerging nationalism, racism and antisemitism but above all against the hatred that was stirred up and instrumentalized by the demagogues for political purposes. The concept of the "new policy" was utterly simple, yet so perfidious: precise enemy images that could be blamed for all evil. Moreover, the demagogues of that time knew how to extensively spread their political agitation through new media.

Women Step up to the Plate - The Other Face of World War I

1 x 45 min. | HD


In the crisis years of the First World War, women had to step into the shoes of the men who were at the front. That meant not only greater involvement with dangerous jobs but also managing shortages – both of raw materials and of everyday products. The greatest enemy back then was hunger. But these trials also offered the opportunity women had long demanded at a political level – the opportunity for women to participate equally in public life alongside men.

Argentina – Women's Marching Revolution

1 x 30/45 min. | HD


In Argentina, a woman is killed by her partner or ex partner every 31 hours. The widespread violence against women has led to a national outcry, with hundreds of thousands of women taking to the streets to demand an end to machismo, equal pay for equal work and abortion rights. A new feminist movement has arisen – in Argentina, in neighbouring countries, and ultimately across the whole region.

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