The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships will take place in February and March 2019 in Seefeld. On the occasion of this sporting event we are delighted to present a selection of documentaries related to Austrian ski regions and their astonishing fauna.

Seefeld - Tyrolean Wonderland

2 x 52 min. | 4K | Available from 15 January


In February 2019, Seefeld hosts the year‘s biggest winter sports event: the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Seefeld lies at the heart of Tyrol, surrounded by the most beautiful and wildest Alpine peaks. The diversity of the landscape is breathtaking: primeval forests, rushing rivers, rocky peaks, pastures and waterfalls, as well as innumerable lakes and moors. Higher elevations are home to ibex, chamois and rock partridges, while Western capercaillies and grey-headed woodpeckers inhabit the forests.

Schladming – Magic Mountains

2 x 52 min. | HD


Schladming in Austria is not the best known of the country’s ski regions but it’s one of the finest – because it keeps a low profile and makes sure the season doesn’t dominate the landscape. That also means its wildlife is better protected than in normal mixed regions. Though this region is controlled by men, it is a hot spot for wild animals – and sometimes even the wolves come back to this territory, which once belonged to them.

Arlberg - The Hidden Paradise

1 x 50 min. | HD


The Arlberg is the embodiment of an idyllic winter and the cradle of alpine skiing. However, this famous ski resort that connects Tyrol with Vorarlberg, offers a lot more than expected. In the deepest of winters, far away from the slopes and ski routes, avalanches thunder into the valley, however they bring with them neither destruction nor death. On the contrary, the winter is the toughest time for ibexes and chamois. Now the meager fodder is burried deep under the snow and the animals can only find nutrition there where avalanches have cleared the slopes from snow.

Ski Arlberg - The Cradle of Skiing

1 x 50 min. | HD


One of the five largest ski areas in the world, more than 300 kilometres of downhill routes, 88 lifts and last but not least the “cradle of alpine skiing.” But the Arlberg has its own “Archbishop of skiing” to offer: So for example, after the Second World War the majority of ski schools in the USA were run by Austrians, and the Arlberg technique was also being taught in South America, Australia and even New Zealand. Half the world was learning to ski on the Arlberg, according to a newsreel from the time, with royalty making their first turns in the snow here alongside countless stars and starlets.

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