IDFA 2018

We are pleased to present you our entries for IDFA/Docs for Sale 2018.

Alexandra Hopf is looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam from November 17-21.

Atatürk - Father of Modern Turkey

1 x 52 min. | HD


The documentary Atatürk - The Father of Modern Turkey attempts to come to terms with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as both a larger-than-life personality and a phenomenon of the zeitgeist at the turn of the last century. Atatürk’s revolution reflected the tensions between tradition, affairs of state and religious prevalence at the time.

Gandhi: Fighting Without Weapons

1 x 45 min. | HD


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as "Mahatma," was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic 70 years ago, on 30th January 1948. Today, Gandhi is considered the embodiment of non violent resistance. His great words have also taken hold in the Western World: "Ahimsa"- non violence, "Satygraha" - insistence on truth, "Swaraj" - self governance.

Images of Women – Juxtapositions: The Artists of the Viennese Modernism

1 x 52 min. | HD


The years between 1890 and 1918 were one of the highlights in the history of Austria. The “Viennese Modernism”, or Viennese Modern Age, was characterised by huge innovation in art, literature, architecture, music, psychology, philosophy and society. Many female artists were part of the dawning of the modern age, managing to assert themselves in the art world despite the hostile environment.

Beauty Ideals in Social Media

1 x 60 min. | HD


Since their emergence, social media have confronted young women more intensively than ever before with unattainable ideals of beauty. Key reasons for this are the constant availability of images and the accessibility of artificially enhanced images on a daily basis.

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