The EU-Africa-Summit in Vienna will take place on the 18th of December 2018. On the occasion of this political meeting we are delighted to present you a selection of documentaries related to development aid and migration flows.

Let's Develop Them

1 x 45 min. | HD


This film shows how Europe is trying to combat the causes of flight and prevent migration with state-funded development aid. But it also shows how this money flows to authoritarian governments and how today's development aid in African countries often has exactly the opposite effect, it forces people to flee.

All Eyes On the Mediterranean Route

1 x 30 min. | HD


This documentary shows where most of the refugees come from, which routes they take, why there is a traffic jam in Libya of all places and how insecure agreements with the unstable country are. In order to combat the causes of flight, the EU is working on a kind of Marshall Plan for Africa, experts are advocating economic relations at eye level and support for the up-and-coming middle class in African countries.

Kenya - Call for Action

1 x 30 min. | HD


$500 billion of development aid has been pumped into the African continent since 1960. In several regions, nonetheless, the standard of living has fallen even further since then. Now, a growing group of African thinkers has been calling for the West to stop sending development aid. "It leads to dependency, lethargy, corruption and exploitation", they say. "Only economic relationships on equal footing with the West can help Africa to advance."

Lampedusa - No Island

1 x 52 min. | HD


“Lampedusa – No Island” shows a feuilleton style report that does not only feature the tragic refugee’s fate but furthermore gives a realistic insight in the citizens’ living situation. During an extensive conversation mayor Giusi Nicolini makes clear the chances and possibilities of an actively arranged migration policy with “her” Island as an example.

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