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we have prepared a hand picked selection of sports related programs for the sport aficionados amongst your audiences, missing their favorite live sports events in the current situation. Our sales team and sales agents are happy to assist with sporty content for your daytime programming.


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Getting Rich by Playing Games – eSports as a Billion-Dollar Business

52 min. | Documentary


eSports restaurants, performance centers and clubs are opening all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and companies are investing in the growing market. eSports marketing is booming, and politicians are debating whether eSports are eligible for funding, and whether, like other sports, they should also benefit from public funding. Gamers are now superstars: they compete against each other in “clans” watched by millions of spectators online, and in tournaments in huge stadiums offline.

United - The Red Rebels of Manchester

52 min.  | Documentary


"United - The Red Rebels of Manchester" tells the story of ordinary people who created their own football club in 2005 as they realized that the takeover of an US-american billionaire changed their old love, the great Manchester United, forever. Thick of all the money thats dominates football nowadays, they established an exciting project in a city with a great tradition of social struggles and innovations. The film accompanies some volunteers in the last 36 exciting hours, before an incredible highlight in the young history of the club: the opening match in their own stadium against Benfica from Lisbon.

World in a Ball

52 min. | Documentary


This documentary shows the very contradictory consequences of globalization in a single, remote setting: in the secret world capital of soccer in northeast Pakistan, Sialkot. According to a Pakistani legend, the ball is not only round, but also a "Golden Ball," a "Gola Zareen." In Sialkot, 50,000 workers sew about forty million handmade balls per year. That's seventy percent of the hand-stitched soccer balls on the world market. It takes about three hours to finish a ball. The business, which began more than 100 years ago with the manufacture of balls, hockey sticks, and cricket bats for their British colonial masters, kept booming for decades and is economically important for all Pakistan. Now burgeoning competition is posing a threat: el cheapo balls from China are becoming better and better, and high-tech products from Thailand are becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Living for the Sport

48 min. | Documentary


In families whose children play competitive sport, the whole of life revolves around their passion for it. Scheduling, nutrition, holidays: everything comes second to the performance of their offspring. And this means everyone has to keep going beyond their limits. Above all, when unexpected problems arise, such as injuries or suddenly finding yourself suspended from the club.

Swim For Your Life

90 min. | TV-Movie 


Ilayda, a 17-year old Turkish schoolgirl, lives with her very well integrated family in a foreign country. Since the death of her father, she herself has focused heavily on her religion and is wearing a headscarf again. As a result she is becoming increasingly isolated from her class at school. She is a keen swimmer and secretly pursues her passion at night-time in the school’s swimming pool. When her sports teacher, Martha, becomes aware of this, she tries to bring Ilayda back into the class community through the school’s swimming team. The problem is that she would have to take off her headscarf and burka and swim in an ordinary swimming costume for the competition ...

Punch Line

53 min. | Documentary


„Punch Line“ shows 36 year old Kati Zambito on her way from starting her intense training sessions to her first boxing match. The whole experience of the training preparations of a sport, where there can only be one winner in the end, makes her see the world of boxing with diff erent eyes: Kati thereby questions current political and social decisions and realizes similar parallels between the challenges at boxing and the everyday struggle of life.


Traditional Martial Arts: Taekwondo

50 min. | Documentary


Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art, originating in the Joseon Dynasty. Its origin of Taekwondo lies in the harvest ceremony of the ancient tribal nation. Physical training activities developed from a primitive religious ceremony emerging out of vicissitude and suffering, and subsequent alliances. In modern times, as the oppression of the Korean people by Japan became more severe, any means of training of the people that could be used as a means of revolt were forbidden. But Taekwondo has survived throughout the nation until today as a method of physical and mental training.

Horse People

3 x 45 min. | Documentary


People have used horses for millennia to ride on and as work animals – and in recent decades the horse has evolved from an animal used for work and in war to one that is a partner for sport and leisure. In this new three part series, Erich Pröll tells the stories of horses and horse people, stories that show what a difference these wonderful creatures make to education, training and employment. And proves that gentle training methods can lead to unexpected successes.

Fascinating Falconry

52 min. | Documentary


Falcons that fly up majestically into the sky and swoop down to snatch their prey - falconry is one of the most popular sports in the Arab world. This hunting game, coupled with Dubai's culture, has evolved into a sport for the royal family and an essential element of desert life. ‘Falconry’ is a traditional hunting method that tames the falcon or raptor to catch prey in the wild. Falconry is part of the traditional culture. In the Middle East, veterinary medicine for falcons is thriving; there are even passports for falcons. Through falconry, the Middle East’s veterinary technology has mastered advanced artificial breeding techniques. Discover the Arabic culture that has been created through falconry.


Treasure Hunt - Searching for Fenn's Legacy

48 min. | Documentary


Forrest Fenn is very, very rich. But when he found out he had cancer, he decided to spark the sense of adventure in people across the world. He stuffed a chest with many valuable treasures and buried it in the Rocky Mountains. He gave away nine clues in a poem he published and five more in interviews, but the chest is yet to be found. If it's still out there, why wouldn't two Austrian kids stand a chance?

Action! – The Unleashed Cameras

44 min. | Documentary


Action-Cameras are an essential part of the sports and video scene. From the skiing pupil to the snowboard professional, nowadays almost everybody records their sports activities. In this documentary, action cameras were installed on trains and airplanes to recreate action scenes from famous Hollywood Blockbusters. Paragliding in the Alps, bicycle tours through the forest, thrilling runs with the jet-ski and flights with an octocopter, these are just a few examples of the action-packed images in this movie.

Ski Arlberg – The Cradle of Skiing

50 min. | Documentary


One of the five largest ski areas in the world, more than 300 kilometres of downhill routes, 88 lifts and last but not least the “cradle of alpine skiing.” But the Arlberg has its own “Archbishop of skiing” to offer: Prof. Stefan Kruckenhauser revolutionised state training for ski instructors and together with Schneider took this style of skiing and above ski instruction out into the world. Half the world was learning to ski on the Arlberg, according to a newsreel from the time, with royalty making their first turns in the snow here alongside countless stars and starlets. The Arlberg – Cradle of Alpine Skiing is an entertaining journey through more than a hundred years of the history of the “white sport” in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Avalanche! The astounding Power of Snow

52 min. | Documentary


20 years ago, the avalanche disaster in Galtür claimed the lives of 38 people. As a result, more investments in avalanche protection were made in Tyrol, improving infrastructure and accelerating research into the issues. Christiane Sprachmann reports on life in the High Alps, the fight against the dangers presented by avalanches and the state of the art across all disciplines of avalance research.

Pioneers of Heliskiing, Snowboarding & Freestyle Skiing

30 min. | Documentary


New developments in skiing equipment and various new trends breathe new life into this fascinating sport. Heliskiing is more popular than ever, but hardly anyone knows who started it. Back in the 1960s Austrian immigrants Hans Gmoser and Mike Wiegele were busy inventing helicopter skiing in the Canadian Rockies. This lucrative business has added an interesting new dimension and image to the ski industry. Together Gmoser and Wiegele have brought alpine skiing back to its Austrian roots. Skiers can enjoy untamed nature and the spirit of freedom. A spectacular documentary on a very special way of skiing.

Erik(a) - The Man who became Women's World Downhill Champion

82 min. | Documentary


Raised as a girl in a small town in the Austrian Alps and celebrated as the Women’s Downhill Champion in Portillo, Chile in 1966, Erika Schinegger’s career comes to an abrupt halt just before the Winter Olympics of 1967. The results of a newly instituted gender check cause an international sensation by pronouncing her a biological man. Disregarding the vehement disapproval of her family and the National Ski Federation, Erika elects to undergo gender completion surgery and assume what she feels to be her true identity. After the operation at 20 years of age, Erik begins learning to be a man. Seven years later, he is happily married and the father of a daughter, Claire. The film tells of the narrowness that plays out behind the scenes of peak performance sports like the women’s downhill – and the uphill battle of one person, who found the way to himself, in spite of it.

The Classic Car Spell — Passion between Rust and Chrome

52 min. | Documentary


They guzzle tons petrol, offer little comfort and even fewer driving aids and yet hardly anyone can resist their charm! In the first days of spring, they once more emerge from the garage into the road. There they provoke dignified admiration and risky overtaking. The documentary surveys collectors from Trabi and Opel Rekord to Porsche and Maserati as well as auction-house experts and consumer advocates on the phenomenon of classic cars. With mini cameras and maxi suction cups the dignified old cars are shown from previously unimagined angles...

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