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We hope you had a safe & swift trip back home and look forward to meeting you at one of the upcoming markets.


Please take a look at our most anticipated programs below while we are working on a prompt follow up of our meeting in Cannes.


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Suburbia - Women on the Edge

40 x 48 min.


The plot around the witty housewives continues one year after the thrilling finale of the third season. The life in the suburbs has calmed down one year after Joachim’s revenge campaign. The four women have got their lives back on track. But it would be terribly boring if everything were to run smoothly.

Walking on Sunshine

20 x 45 min.


The new success comedy series is set in the weather department of a TV station where a renowned news anchor finds his new home after experiencing personal highs and lows. It’s all about a mysterious heritage, amorous encounters and the balance of power. The ten new episodes of season 2 will be broadcast in early 2020.

TATORT | Timber! | Workout

90 min. each


Timber! and Workout are the latest addition to the successful TATORT crime-movie line-up, consisting of 24 thrilling movies and again the detectives Eisner and Fellner are looking for clues in criminal cases.

Empire of the Vineyard


1 x 52 min. | 4K


A well-tended vineyard nurtures the quality of a wine over generations. But its micro-world is a battleground, an animal empire fought over in hundreds of tiny dramas every day. The documentary shows the life and survival of animals living in vineyards in Austria, France and Germany.

Corsica - Mountains in the Sea

1 x 52 min. | 4K


Corsica is the perfect habitat for Europe’s mouflons, the Corsican red deer, salamanders, tortoises, the famous hybrid pigs and many other faunal species. The documentary presents with visually stunning Ultra HD 4K pictures the species-rich nature of the Mediterranean island.

Richard the Lionheart

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


Richard the Lionheart portrays the King of England as a warrior, ruler and violent killer and explores the questions and mysteries that surround Richard I, with high-quality re-enactments at crucial moments of his reign and featuring interviews with leading historians.

The Tales of Hoffmann - Oper Klosterneuburg

1 x 140 min.


Hoffmann, poet and epitome of the hapless genius, awaits Stella, the prima donna and his latest sweetheart. Seduced by his muse into a fantasy world, he experiences a true bacchanalia between reality and dream, carried by sensually beguiling sounds.

The Magic Flute - St. Margarethen Open Air Opera

1 x 165 min.


The Magic Flute offers colorful musical fireworks with a new staging of W. A. Mozart’s masterpiece from the spectacular open-air stage in the St. Margarethen Quarry.

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