Due to current events, ORF among other broadcasters is changing its programming and opening new daytime broadcasting slots for children.


We are pleased to present our contribution for your programming. Exciting infotainment titles, the new animated shorts "Rookie Robot" as well as documentaries from our colorful catalogue are available for your youngest viewers.

Rookie Robot Explores the World

26 x 3 min.


Robots also have to learn! And our little robot named Rookie likes nothing more than that. Curious, open and friendly he explores his world and meets new friends, discovers new things and experiences little adventures in each episode. Whether mouse, moon, magic or music: The simple and charming stories entertain with wit and joie de vivre – and a cheeky twist. Rookie's encounters focus on friendliness, openness and empathy, but also perseverance, respect and patience – and with each episode Rookie gets to know his world a little better.

AHA! Museum of Adventures

13 x 15 min.


In 13 episodes of 15 minutes each, young audiences can discover fascinating objects and their exciting stories from a range of fields such as art, history, music, technology and nature. The objects are housed in nine halls that thematically set the scene: the hall of strange things, the hall of art, nature, animals, the past, technology, music, books and the kitchen laboratory. The imaginatively decorated museum rooms form the backdrop for "AHA! Museum of Adventures" through rear projections in the studio. Animated figures in the exhibition rooms interact with the scenes.

"Yummy" - WOW Factor Cooking

52 x 15 min.


In this cooking show, kids aged 7 and above let their imagination loose.  In every episode, Chef Alexander Kumptner presents the kids with an ingredient, which they use, chop, cook and personalize as they please. This chef always lends a helping hand and is never out of tricks. He's even more inventive when it comes to leftovers. Do you like apples? He'll show you how to make tea out of apple peelings. That way, nothing goes to waste!

"Yummy" - Cooking With Kids

64 x 15 min. 


In each episode of "Yummy", hip chef Alexander Kumptner and two children cook up delicious dishes for the yound and old. Altogether around ten girls and boys between nine and thirteen years old hit the "Yummy" kitchen. The colourful menu includes homemade treats such as ice tea, fish fingers and potato salad, potato and carrot rostis with mango chutney, soft cheese dumplings with raspberries and vanilla cream, and Mexican wraps. "Yummy" shows children and their parents great recipes that will make the kids’ eyes sparkle – modern cuisine with dishes that are quick and easy to prepare, look delicious and taste fantastic.

Awesome Animals

100 x 12 min.


Tomcat Kurt accompanies us on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of animals. Children get to know native and exotic wild animals in an entertaining way, and also learn all about popular and unusual pets: their abilities, their characteristics, their needs and their habitat. The encounter between humans and animals plays an essential role. As zookeeper assistants, children experience work with animals at first hand and also get an insight into the work at a veterinary practice. They get to know the specific characteristics of the animals, as well as what is important for respectful and harmonious interaction with them.


Cracker Snap

40 x 15 min.


Funny, crazy and absolutely "Cracker Snap": the new knowledge format with a certain "a-ha" effect! Why did pirates wear eye patches? Can horses sleep standing up? And how do you bake a chequered cake? Every episode inspires with unusual and amusing ideas and sensational tricks from this multicoloured curiosity shop! Amazing discoveries, exciting expeditions and stunning phenomena bring history to life for young and old alike and invite viewers to take part in fun experiments, which can be repeated at home with playful ease. It’ll astound and enthral you as well as make you smile: "Cracker Snap" proves that science is fun in a playful and entertaining way!

The Wildlife Orphanage

125 x 48 min.


Normally animal shelters are the last refuge for unfortunate creatures. But in Namibia, Southern Africa, there is a different kind of shelter: a ten thousand hectare orphanage – a haven for wildanimals. The residents are rather exotic– lions, baboons and cheetahs. The two-legged stars of the series are the volunteers. Their tasks are rather unusual too: driving straight into the bush to feed lions and cheetahs, taking daily walks with a hoard of crazy baboons,capturing runaway meerkats and learning how to bottle-feed leopard cubs and 440 pound rhino babies.

Forest of Fantasies

1 x 52 min.


On Christmas Eve, they say, the animals can talk. Peter Rosegger, one of Austria’s greatest writers, turned this legend into a magical short story about his own childhood in Styria’s Alpine uplands. It’s one of Austria’s most fascinating landscapes: deep, dark forests flanked by steep mountain ridges, gentle meadows reaching up to exposed summits. This film captures the essence of Rosegger’s story and the subtle and dramatic changes of the Styrian forest throughout the year.

Keepers of the Ark - A Life for Animals

1 x 52 min.


The young cheetah carefully marks his new terrain which is full of another animal’s strange scent. A group of young  falcons are nervous: it’s their first attempt  at flight. Nina, the young keeper of the bats, is excited and sad – it’s time to set  her young animals free, to fend for them- selves in the woods around Schönbrunn palace. What these animals share is their  proximity to humans in a zoo – the world’s oldest, Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo: a centre  for animal care, conservation and international breeding programs. This is  the story of Schönbrunn’s zoo-keepers  who devote their lives to the animals, witnessing birth, aging, death and, occasionally, the end of an entire species.

Link with the Lynx

1 x 52 min.


With large tufted ears, a short tail and a trusting look, one could almost believe that lynxes are just big cats. In their hearts, however, they are wild and untamed. They are the tigers of Europe. This is the story of a hard earned friendship. On the one side is Milos Majda, a quiet, nature loving ranger at the Mala Fatra national park in Slovakia. On the other side are two small lynxes, fresh from the zoo. With Milos' help, it's hoped the lynxes will return to the home of their ancestors in the forests of Mala Fatra in the heart of Slovakia. For two years Milos Majda and the biologist and animal filmmaker Tomas Hulik follow the journey of the lynx siblings from their warm nursery inside a cabin into the wilderness.

Year of the Hedgehog

1 x 50 min.


This documentary accompanies for a year one of the most popular yet still unknown animals of our landscape. The hedgehog is not only part of the oldest mammal species on our planet, newest findings disclose that it will stay among us for many years to come. Neither the massive destruction of natural habitats nor the horrendous road kill can seriously endanger its population. The film presents never before seen details and behavioural patterns of the spiky fellow. 

Wasteland Warriors

1 x 52 min.


Surrounded by barren cities, sterile concrete, more and more animals are losing their last places of retreat. Vienna continues to grow inexorably but nature sprouts and and re-conquers its territory. More than two thousand species of plants can be found in the city alone, as well as half of all Austrian breeding birds and two thirds of the country’s mammals.

Waterland Warriors - The Beavers Are Back

1 x 52 min.


The Blue Danube is Vienna’s lifeline – and a lifeline for beavers making a comeback after their extermination in the last century. The film follows a young beaver setting off in search of his own territory. As babbling meadow brooks are channeled into concrete tunnels he finds himself right in the center of Vienna. If he can make it through the city, paradise awaits upstream. Meter-high reeds, meandering side-channels and unlimited food await our beaver – and, who knows, maybe a young female too. 

Woodland Warriors

1 x 52 min.


A palace in a private woodland near the city of Vienna: 25 square miles of lonely beauty designed for a tragic empress. The Lainzer Park was a gift from the Austrian Emperor to his wife, Empress Elisabeth, more than a century ago. In the midst of the forest is a garden whose four-hundred-year old oaks have trunks with diameters greater than four meters. The crowns of the trees are host to more than a thousand insect species, including a hundred kinds of butterflies. This hidden ecosystem reveals a macro world of astonishing variety, beauty and colour in the trees and on the ground, while the film follows the free-roaming deer and wild hogs that live so close to the busy centre of Austria’s capital city.

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