Have you already wrapped all of your presents for your audience? Take a look at our line-up of our most festive programs for the upcoming Christmas season.

Christmas in Vienna

1 x 90 min.


“Christmas in Vienna” is and has been, for the last two decades, one of the most prestigious classical concert productions in Europe. Every year, the traditional Christmas event takes place in the glamorous Wiener Konzerthaus and brings together a quartet of the best international vocalists.

Silent Night - Holy Night: The Story of a World Famous Song

1 x 48 min.


One song has gone around the world and become a peace anthem: “Silent Night, Holy Night”. The documentary sets out to find when and by whom this great song was invented: in the early 19th century, Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr created the song in the middle of the Salzburger Land for consolation in lean times. It is a song which, in its simplicity and grandeur, continues to define Christmas all over the world today.

The Christmas Crib - Origin and Tradition

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min. | Available in December


Francis of Assisi is said to have invented the tradition of putting up cribs. Wooden carvings were used to recreate the birth of Christ until the 19th century. Today, cribs are made of all kinds of materials: paper mâché, cardboard, glass, terracotta and gingerbread. During Advent, there is a crib scene in many households, along with the Christmas tree and Christmas cookies.

Christmas Tree - Tradition and History

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min. 


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Christmas tree! This is a tradition that enjoyed its fi rst boom at the start of the 19th century, with decorations refl ecting the characteristics of the region in question. The fi lm doesn’t neglect culinary matters, because trees were not only decorated with glass, candles, angel hair and tinsel – there were also lots of sweets made of chocolate, egg whites, jelly and nuts.

About the Magic of Christmas Cakes in Europe

1 x 45 min.


When Christmas-time comes along, a lot of biscuits are baked and many cakes sweeten the Advent season and the holidays. There are seasonal baked goods across Europe, but they could not be any more di erent. The fi lm looks over the shoulders of bakers and pastry chefs and will serve not only the recipes but also the stories behind the baking traditions.


Vanilla, Cinnamon and Almond Flakes - A Christmas Bakery in Europe

1 x 45 min.


Christmas in Switzerland would be impossible to imagine without the so-called „Zimtsterne“, while in Znaim, the traditional Christmas cookies are glazed with white fondant. In Trieste, spices and lots of chocolate make the “Dolci” into a delicacy. The so-called Viennese „Vanillekipferl“, is the fi nal destination in this “biscuit treasure hunt” throughout Europe.

Gingerbread Journeys

1 x 45 min. / 1 x 25 min.


Gingerbread has its place in different cultures, and it always tastes like gingerbread, but always a little bit different. The documentary searches for traces across Europe: from Poland to the Czech Republic and Hungary to Austria.

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