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Only XX days left until International Women's Day on March 8th - A day to celebrate womanhood, reflect on the progress of feminism and equality so far and to raise awareness on the issues that still persist.


The perfect time to look back on the stories of outstanding women, who have had an important impact on history and challenged the view on women in their society.

For example, the Austrian education revolutionary Eugenie Schwarzwald or women's rights activist Clara Zetlin, who spoke out for the establishment of a Women's Day in the first place and fought for the right to vote in Germany.

Before the suffragette movement or even widespread democracy, there were notable female rulers in history such as Leopoldina Habsburg, Mary Tudor and Mary Stuart, who had a significant influence on their land and its people. Anna Sacher, whose domain was her hotel, also helped shape modern society, as her hotel housed some of the greatest personalities of her time and served as an incubator for the ideas of the future.

Vienna's Modernist Genius - Eugenie Schwarzwald

52 min. | Documentary


Through tireless strength and great courage, Eugenie Schwarzwald overcame the challenges of the male-dominated education and founded the "Schwarzwald Girls' Lyceum”, where she conveyed new teaching methods and a modern concept of education. The students, who were among the first female graduates in Austria, went on to be great authors, actresses or artists. The story of Eugenie and her school are closely intertwined with Viennese modernism and its influential personalities.

AGE OF QUEENS - "Bloody" Mary Tudor

52 min., 45 min. | Documentary


Mary Tudor I was Rejected by her highly educated and brutal father Henry VIII, who denied her the right to succeed to the throne. The young princess fought back and then became a pioneer and powerful queen in her own right. However, she persecuted by her sister Elizabeth, who succeeded her on the throne and played a significant role in blackening Mary's reputation. 

AGE OF QUEENS – The Tragedy of Mary Stuart

52 min., 45 min. | Documentary


Mary Stuart, queen of both Scotland and France, was executed in February 1587. The reason was her own cousin, the English queen Elizabeth I,  who accused her of high treason and murder. Elizabeth, played by Marie-Christine Friedrich, reveals her intimate knowledge of her rival's life, providing a highly personal yet historically accurate account of the tragedy of Mary Stuart.

Defiance - Three Women and the Vote

52 min., 45 min. | Documentary


In 1910 a small group of women risks everything in the struggle for self-determination, fair wages and the right to vote. They are ridiculed, ostracized, even arrested - but never disheartened. Marking the centenary of the Women's Vote in Germany and Austria, this film traces the long and rocky road to success via the lives of three courageous women who broke with tradition for a better and more equal society. 

The Birth of Modern Brazil - Leopoldina Habsburg

52 min., 45 min. | Documentary


In September 1822, Dom Pedro I and his wife found the Empire of Brazil. The visionary and driving force behind the project is Leopoldina of Austria, a member of the Habsburg dynasty who continues to be revered in modern-day Brazil. To this day, she is considered the „Mother of the Nation“.

The Queen of Vienna - Anna Sacher and her Hotel

52 min. | Documentary


The legendary Sacher Hotel in Vienna has been the realm of the social elites for almost 150 years. Since its opening in 1876, it has represented cosmopolitan openness, the ultimate in culinary artistry, the very finest patisserie and courtly ritual with a clear division of roles. To the present day the establishment is attuned to the heartbeat of one woman: Anna Sacher. Thanks to her, the hotel became the much-frequented parlour of artists such as Gustav Klimt, Arthur Schnitzler and Richard Strauss. 

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