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It was a pleasure to participate in the Meet the Exec Session at Sunny Side of the Doc - Connected Edition and to share our ideas and visions for ORF Universum History.


Universum History is part of the popular and successful Universum family at ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. This blue-chip strand offers top quality history documentaries covering international topics and exploring decisive historical moments through an engaging mix of archival footage and high quality re-enactments.


We are excited about archeological findings and groundbreaking discoveries that change views on history. Diversity in storytelling and in the selection of experts is one of our key elements in reaching a younger viewership and keeping up with a constantly changing society and audience.


At this link Sunny Side participants can replay the Meet the Exec Session to discover more about who we are and what we do.

Click here to view our trailer of available productions and forthcoming projects - from a new approach to the unknown sides of Austria‚Äôs famous Empress Elisabeth to the gripping story of King Richard the Lionheart, trapped by furious European power struggles. From the Suffragettes' fierce fight for women's votes in the beginning 20th century and then back to the Iron Age, when salt, the white gold of the Alps, was the key to wealth and power. The upcoming documentary follows the journey of a young woman from the Balkans to a settlement in Hallstatt, where she starts working in one of the oldest salt mines on earth.


We look forward to continuing our well-established cooperation with you in new, exciting projects, and hope to meet you in person again soon. The ORF-Enterprise sales team is looking forward to following up with you!

With best wishes,



Armin Luttenberger - Head of Content Sales International



Caroline Haidacher - Head of Universum History

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