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Pirates of the Mediterranean - A Game of Greed and Power

History & Biographies | 52 min.


In the 16th century, Mediterranean piracy and slavery, as an instrument for power and wealth, is revealed through a 2019 shipwreck discovery and subsequent underwater expedition.

Women Pirates - Rebels of the Seas

History & Biographies | 2 x 52 min.


Four extraordinary 18th-century pirate women defy societal norms and colonial powers, leading adventurous lives across Caribbean history, revealing their overlooked stories in a historical journey.

Rebellion in the Brothel - Trafficking Women around 1900

History & Biographies | 52 min.


In 1902, Marie König's exploitation in a Vienna brothel is exposed by journalist Emil Bader, leading to a landmark trial and shifting societal views on prostitution, as depicted in a historical reconstruction and documentary.

Pride and Persecution

History & Biographies | 2 x 52 min.


"Pride and Persecution" documents early LGBTQ+ movements in Austria and Germany, from a woman resisting societal pressure in 1919 Vienna to a memoir recounting Nazi persecution and its impact on 1970s-80s movements.

European Downfall - The Tragedy of Emperor Franz Joseph

History & Biographies | 52 min.


This documentary explores the challenges and impact of Franz Joseph's 68-year reign as Austrian emperor, from the revolutions of 1848 to the First World War, and how his personal and political decisions shaped European history.

Maria Theresa’s Dark Side

History & Biographies | 52 min.


In 1744, Empress Maria Theresa's expulsion of Jews from Prague despite Europe-wide pleas for mercy becomes the last great persecution before the Holocaust, warned against intolerance and religious persecution in this film amidst rising racism and anti-Semitism.

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