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NATPE Budapest International, the marketplace which took place from June 27th to June 30th, was another great opportunity to connect in person with participants from over 70 countries.


Our sales team looks forward to meeting soon again and would like to invite you to sneak a peek into this season’s program highlights:


Slovenia - Where Nature Comes First

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


Ancient Mediterranean oaks, beech forests with canopies like cathedrals, hanging pine woods clinging to near-vertical, inaccessable mountainsides up to the treeline harbour more pristine habitats than countries ten times the size of Slovenia. As if to prove the healthy state of its nature, this tiny country boasts the highest brown bear density on the globe, with close to thousand bears sharing wild habitats with lynx, jackals, deer and many other species.

Wild Czechia - Where Fairy Tales Come True

1 x 52 min.


Mountains, dense beech forests, wild valleys, lakes and thousands of ponds, mazes of sandstone, cliffs, caves and gorges. And between them lie ancient castles and picturesque palaces telling of a colourful past. This is the Nature of the Czech Republic. No wonder this became the land of fairy tales. In this film, its habitats and landscapes are portrayed as enchanted kingdoms, where animal rulers and their courtiers are threatened by evil forces.

The Rothschild Legacy

1 x 52 min. / 1 x 45 min.


The name "Rothschild" became synonymous with immense wealth. The Rothschilds are associated with success and luxury, but also with centuries of alliances with absolutist rulers and the financing of wars and oppression. To this day, the Rothschild family remains a target of anti-Semitic attacks, conspiracy theories, and persecution. How did the Rothschilds amass their legendary fortune? How did the family rise from the Frankfurt ghetto to become one of the world's most powerful financial dynasties?

1521 - The Fugger Empire

2 x 45 min. / 1x50 min. / 2x52 min. / 1x96 min.


In 1521, the Fugger family finally decides, or rather must decide, to take over mining in Tyrol. Streams are dammed, alpine pastures repopulated, and entire forests are cut down. No stone is left unturned: the world is changing and the focus is on Tyrol as it is driving the transformation.

The Builders of the Alhambra

2 x 52 min


For more than 700 years, Al-Andalus had been the centre of science, poetry, medicine and innovation. The kings decide to show their remaining power to the world by setting their people a challenge – to create the perfect artwork in the form of a building, the Alhambra palace complex. Ibn al Khatib, prime minister, philosopher, and doctor, chronicles the construction of the Alhambra.

Soko Linz

13 x 45 min.


The “Soko Linz” Special Commission is run as a police cooperation center, deployed in the border triangle of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, and also counts on the friendly Austro-German relationship in terms of personnel. In 13 cross-border cases, resolute Chief Inspector Johanna “Joe” Haizinger and the considerate Chief Commissioner Ben Halberg investigate everything, from Linz's up-and-coming technology sector to the homeless scene, between witness protection programs and the hunt for serial killers.

Suburbia - Women on the Edge

61 x 48 min.


Five women, whose biggest challenge so far has been surviving their daily hour-long luxus shopping tours burning up their husband’s credit cards, are taken by complete surprise when suddenly one of them is divorced by her husband and thrown out of the house. Instantly the remaining BFFs realize that the same could happen to them - and their survival instinct awakens.

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