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Thank you for your participation at our ORF Apéro at MIPTV 2023!


You can revisit the presented titles from our presentation and their trailers below. More information including full-length screeners of all completed documentaries can be found on contentsales.ORF.at, available exclusively for registered users.


We are looking forward to welcoming you again at one of our events in the future!

ORF UNIVERSUM Nature - 35th Anniversary

High Life in the Dead Mountains depicts a diverse ecosystem which is, contrary to its name, full of life. A Raven’s Tale – Mystic Czechia tells the story of a corvid hero amidst the magical forests and Slovenia – Where Nature Comes First shows a country in touch with nature and its inhabitants. There is even more to come: our upcoming journeys will take us as far as Vietnam ...


More inspiring Nature docs can be found here.

ORF Originals - High Quality Fiction

Browse through our Fiction line-up, which is more thrilling than ever thanks to Days That Never Were and tent-pole series like Soko Linz, Tatort, Soko Kitzbuehel and Fast Forward. With School of Champions set to release in late 2023 another exciting drama series joins our catalogue.


More engaging ORF Originals can be found here.

Days That Never Were

8 × 48 min.


When team of investigators shows up and examines an accident that suddenly turns into a murder case, the friendship of four women who have known each other since their elite school days is put to the test...


For more information click here.

School of Champions

8 × 45 min.


To realize their dream of reaching the top, ten young talents push themselves to their limit at an elite ski boarding school. They face immense pressure to succeed, tough training schedules and the struggles of adolescence. To succeed against the odds, some of them have to pay a high price ...


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