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And that is not all: our brand-new program highlights for the fall season are now available on our screening platform. Browse through our updated collection and find a rich catalog of high-quality content from all genres.


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Untamed Vietnam - Wilderness Reborn

Wildlife & Nature | 52 min., 45 min.


A journey through Vietnam's diverse ecosystems and its endangered endemic species, from temperate mountains to coral reefs and caves, showcasing a range of wildlife encounters and conservation efforts.

Secret India - The Real Jungle Book

Wildlife & Nature | 52 min., 45 min.


Exploring the origins of a renowned collection of stories, this film delves into the wildlife of India, showcasing the daily challenges faced by the real-life counterparts of the iconic characters in Rudyard Kipling's tales as they adapt to the ever-changing seasons.

Arlberg - A Wild Celebrity

Wildlife & Nature | 52 min., 45 min.


A showcase of the diverse and resilient wildlife of Austria's Arlberg mountain as well as their struggles and adaptations in the face of challenges like climate change, all set against the backdrop of the world-renowned skiing destination.

Nicobar Islands - A Monkey's Long Tale

Wildlife & Nature | 52 min., 45 min.


The Nicobar archipelago, positioned on a tectonic fault, reveals a lush tropical paradise with unique wildlife, such as the Nicobar long-tailed macaques, and a remarkable story of nature's recovery after the 2004 tsunami.

Pride and Persecution

History & Biographies | 2 × 52 min., 2 × 45 min


This two part documentary explores the rise and fall of the first gay and lesbian movements in Austria and Germany. The movement for recognition that began in Vienna in Berlin during the interwar years was brutally shut down by the Nazis.

Maria Theresa’s Dark Side

History & Biographies | 52 min., 45 min.


The expulsion of Jews from Prague in 1744 by the hand of the young empress Maria Theresia and the subsequent continent-wide campaign for clemency is a dark, lesser known chapter in European history.

Death Trap Mallorca - Joy and Sorrow in Exile

History & Biographies | 52 min., 45 min.


In the 1930s, German immigrants sought refuge from the Nazi regime in Mallorca. However, there they faced the horrors of General Franco's death squads. Featuring eyewitness accounts of life the island before, during and after the bloody coup.


Event Series | 6 × 45 min.


A humorous yet historically accurate look at Franz Kafka's difficult relationship with his tyrannical father, his fascinating love affairs and his close friendship with Max Brod, who betrayed his terminally ill friend in the end.

School of Champions

Drama Series | 8 × 45 min.


To realize their dream of reaching the top, ten young talents push themselves to their limit at an elite ski boarding school. They face immense pressure to succeed, tough training schedules and the struggles of adolescence. To succeed against the odds, some of them have to pay a high price.

YOU are a miracle

Kids | 13 × 15 min.


Together with pediatric surgeon Omar Sarsam and host Melanie Flicker, children get to learn about the wonders and capabilities of the human body, uncovering the incredible feats of our organs and making the invisible visible.

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Head of Content Sales International

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Head of Content Sales International
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