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We are heading to MIPCOM 2022!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person again! Join us at our stand P-1.L1.

Our sales team will be happy to arrange a meeting with you in Cannes.

And that is not all: our brand-new program highlights for the fall season are now available on our screening platform. Browse through our updated collection and find a rich catalog of high-quality content from all genres.


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Qatar - Pearls in the Sand

52 min. 


Embark on a journey to the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup - an environment where unexpected wildlife flourishes under extreme conditions.


52 min.


The story of an ancient Scots Pine.  As it grows, it witnesses legendary characters from Scottish history and encounters special wild animals that call this magical tree their home.

Beasts of the European Wild

52 min.


The ambitious attempt to bring one of Europe's largest terrestrial animals back to life: the aurochs. The return of this majestic species of wild cattle is part of a much greater story - of allowing wilderness back into Europe. 

Family in the Wild

32 × 24 min. 


Renowned wildlife filmmaker Kim Wolhuter invites you for a behind-the-scenes-look at his personal and professional life in an untamed corner of Zimbabwe.

The Birth of Modern Brazil - Leopoldina Habsburg

52 min.


In September 1822, Dom Pedro I and his wife found the Empire of Brazil. The visionary and driving force behind the project is Leopoldina of Austria, a member of the Habsburg dynasty who continues to be revered in modern-day Brazil.

The Builders of the Alhambra

2 × 52 min. | 1 × 90 min.


Two sultans, Yusuf I and his son Muhammed V, embark on constructing a building in an attempt to reach for the stars: the Alhambra Palaces. Following detailed descriptions of life in 14th-century Granada and aided by historians, celebrated writer-director Isabel Fernández takes viewers on a journey inside the walls of the Alhambra.

Days That Never Were

8 × 48 min.


When team of investigators shows up and examines an accident that suddenly turns into a murder case, the friendship of four women who have known each other since their elite school days is put to the test...

Soko Linz

26 × 45 min. 


The “Soko Linz” Special Commission is deployed at the border triangle of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The Soko team refuses to be deterred by any adversity, and solves every crime with a good portion of skill and charm.

Holy Mess

7 × 10-18 min. | 1 × 90 min.


Christmas - beloved and feared. On December 24, just about anything is possible. In 7 episodes, "Holy Mess" shows how funny, upsetting, forgiving, absurd, emotional, catastrophic, loving and unique the most peaceful time of the year can be. Also available in feature length!

Our sales team is happy to assist you with hand-picked selections based on your interest!

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Oliver Böhm

Managing Director ORF-Enterprise


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Head of Content Sales International

Armin Luttenberger
Head of Content Sales International
Content Sales International
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