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Only 2 months left until Earth Day 2023 on April 22nd - A call to action to address the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet, including the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and pollution. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our natural world and to reaffirm our collective commitment to protecting it for future generations.


For this coming occassion, we want to shine a spotlight on documentaries that portray the devastating effects of our influence on the planet, the opportunities we have to regenerate damaged ecosystems and the beauty of nature itself.

On Thin Ice - Expedition into the Russian Arctic

50 min.


Wrangel Island, located in the Russian Arctic, has a unique history as a refuge for Arctic animals and plants, including 400 female polar bears who give birth to their offspring there each year. A beautiful and fragile ecosystem, which is threatened the climate crisis.

Tropics, Frost and Perpetual Ice – The Climate Data Collectors

52 min.


Director Peppo Wagner, along with a glaciologist, a permafrost researcher, and a biologist, seeks to assess the current state and future of the world's climate. The journey takes them from Spitsbergen to the remote Costa Rican rainforest.

Alps in Flux – Climate Change in the Mountains

45 min.


The melting of glaciers in the Alps is causing erosion, landslides and rockfalls, which can threaten populated areas and roads. Scientists are working on solutions including mapping and analyses, early warning systems, and barriers to protect against these hazards.

Guardians of the Wild - On the Road with Conservationists

52 min.


Mass extinction threatens the existence of meadows, forests and other ecosystems. Selfless conservationists and citizen scientists strive to protect and document the habitats of different species, while making a significant difference in preserving wildlife.

The Return of the Aurochs

52 min.


The ambitious attempt to bring one of Europe's largest terrestrial animals back to life: the aurochs. The return of this majestic species of wild cattle is part of a much greater story - of allowing wilderness back into Europe. 

Life on the Wing - Miracle of Bird Migration

52 min., 45 min.


Bird migration is an incredible phenomenon that has adapted to climate changes for millennia. Seewinkel in Austria serves as a junction for hundreds of bird species during their migration, some of them traveling 5500 km without a break or losing half of their body weight while traveling to Africa. 

Qatar - Pearls in the Sand

52 min. 


Embark on a journey to the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup - an environment where unexpected wildlife flourishes under extreme conditions.

Family in the Wild

32 × 24 min. 


Renowned wildlife filmmaker Kim Wolhuter invites you for a behind-the-scenes-look at his personal and professional life in an untamed corner of Zimbabwe.

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