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The first online edition of Avant Première Music + Media Market will start soon!


Get in touch with Armin Luttenberger and Marion Camus-Oberdorfer and join the Avant Première Online Market Screenings for a showcase of our colorful program line-up on Tuesday, February 16 (Block 3 - 9.30 – 11.00). 

The Bowmaker's Wood

Documentary | 52 min.


Exclusive bows are still made by hand. Bow makers have been using Brazilian Pernambuco wood for their bows for over two hundred years. But stocks are running low, and the precious wood is now a protected species. But what makes Pernambuco so unique, and why is a good bow so important for the perfect sound of a string instrument? Peppo Wagner offers insights into the art of bow making and speaks with well-known musicians about the advantages of bows made from Pernambuco.


The Gypsy Baron - Vienna Volksoper

Operetta | 150 min.

Gentle waltzes and fiery csárdás music on the one hand, glorification of war and racism on the other. As a play, "The Gypsy Baron" struggles in today's theater world - which, especially with regard to its composition, is a painful mistake. After several years of absence, "The Gypsy Baron" is now returning to the Vienna Volksoper in a version by the director and playwright Peter Lund.

The first performance of "The Gypsy Baron" in 1885 brought Johann Strauss the greatest stage success during his lifetime and the operetta repertoire a milestone that is still ravishing today in its musical wealth.


Concert | 57 min.


Styriarte resumes the interrupted Beethoven year 2020 - with the master's most cheerful symphony, the "Pastorale". Andrés Orozco-Estrada conducts the Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 as an unbroken homage to nature: rushing leaves, splashing waves, whispering winds and warbling birds - a sunny symphony by day in the night-styriarte.

Gifts of the Night

Opera | 65 min.


Alfredo Bernardini presents the full sound splendor of the Baroque in the third Fux opera excavation. Trumpets, oboes, bassoons, chalumeau and strings celebrate the night at their grand performance in the Helmut List Hall. "The Gifts of the Night" is the title of the birthday opera for Empress Amalie Wilhelmine from 1709, for which Johann Joseph Fux, the Styrian Baroque genius, has written enchanting music that brings the magic of a Baroque summer night in a concert version.

Alla Zingara

Documentary | 60/52 min.

In the film we have a chance to follow some musicians of the 100-Member Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, get to know their life in details, and come to understand the meaning of music in their life as a heritage, which has always helped to survive the difficulties from generation to generation. While introducing the everyday life of the musicians, the documentary gives an insight into the orchestra's months-long effort to prepare for their next concert in Moscow, which was a highlighted place of their success several years ago.

Three Dances

Documentary | 76/50 min.


Three Dances is a documentary about three generations of ballet dancer boys studying classical ballet at the Hungarian Dance Academy. Each dancer keeps the 600-years-old dance art alive, while struggling with their separation from their families, their strong expectations and having physical and mental pain. While introducing the three main characters in their 1st, 5th and 9th year in the academic year, we would like to establish a general picture of the career path a young student follows in order to become a ballet artist.

Sound of Winter: A Winter Journey

Concert | 120 min.


The production combines the visual impressions of the breathtaking landscape of the Hohe Tauern National Park with one of the most important works of Austrian music history: Franz Schubert "Winter Journey".

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