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ORF-Enterprise cordially invites you to a trip to the Highlands, a place of fascinating wildlife and origin of Scotland’s most famous liquor. Or do you prefer the rainforests, thundering waterfalls, and lonely coasts of Colombia? 


UNIVERSUM Nature, being part of the popular and successful ORF UNIVERSUM family, offers blue-chip nature documentaries that show with visually stunning images the dazzling and extraordinary variety of wildlife and nature.


We are already looking forward to presenting our upcoming productions at MIPTV in April 2022.


Until then, let’s have a look at our latest UNIVERSUM Nature highlights of 2021, now available for screening on our platform in full length and in the highest quality:

Water of Life - Wilderness, Whisky, Highlands

52 min.


Lush, wet and mild, the stunning landscape of the Scottish Highlands is a wonderful place for wildlife. It’s also ideally suited for making Scotland’s world famous drink – Whisky.

Colombia – Wild and Free

2 × 52 min. 


For decades, rebel groups spread terror but also protected the pristine forests. Now that peace is declared, Colombia can reveal its natural glories and an extraordinary variety of wildlife.

Hudson River Wild

52 min.


Native Americans called it “Mahicantuck – the river that flows both ways.” The Hudson’s wilderness is a testament to nature’s ability to thrive in the shadow of a metropolis.

Russia’s Revenant – The Return of the Siberian Tiger

52 min. 


This film traces the experience of a giant Siberian tiger – up to four meters from nose to tail – as he crosses the taiga forests to find new territory.

Austria's Wild Heritage - One Country Six National Parks

2 × 52 min


In rich and vivid images, this two-part UNIVERSUM documentary sheds light on the achievements of recent decades, but also on the challenges that national parks face today besides preserving the untouched nature.

Ark of Stone - The Voyage of Sardinia

52 min.


More than 40 million years ago, Sardinia broke away from Europe’s southern rim and began drifting towards Africa. Along its eventful voyage, this gigantic vessel of stone picked up a rich variety of passengers from the surrounding land and sea.

Should you not have full access to our screening platform yet, you can easily set up an account here and start exploring your favorite programs from our line-up.


With best regards,

Oliver Böhm

Managing Director ORF-Enterprise




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