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Gender roles in the Stone Age, the greatest cavalry battle on the European continent, the myth-enshrouded story of a family dynasty…


Let's look back at the latest UNIVERSUM History productions available for screening on our platform: in full length and in the highest quality. There is more to come in 2022!


UNIVERSUM History, as part of the popular and successful ORF UNIVERSUM family, offers history documentaries covering international topics and exploring decisive historical moments through an engaging mix of archival footage and high-quality reenactments.


We are excited about archeological findings and groundbreaking discoveries that change views on history. Diversity in storytelling and in the selection of experts is one of our key elements in inspiring audiences worldwide and keeping up with a constantly changing society in today's world.

Venus of Willendorf - The Naked Truth

52 min.


The naked, corpulent figurine is one of the oldest works of art in human history. Once considered a stone-age fertility or sex symbol, new theories assume that it represents the protective, wise old woman and put an end to outdated clichés and stereotypes.

1278 – The Battle for Europe

52 min. 


The international docu-drama tells the story of this turning point in world history. Until today, the battle is surrounded by countless myths, yet very few certainties.

Augustus and Livia - Empire of Blood

52 min. 


The heir to Caesar used brutal violence to become ruler of the Empire. Nevertheless, his reforms ensured the heyday of Roman culture for centuries.

The Rothschild Legacy

52 min. 


This compelling docu-drama sheds light on the history of the Rothschild Family through the eyes of Miriam Rothschild, a renowned scientist of the 20th century. 

The Salt Saga – White Gold of the Alps

52 min. 


2,500 years ago, Hallstatt was home to one of Europe’s most significant settlements and has even lent its name to an Iron Age culture. This documentary investigates the lives and work of the people of Hallstatt and explores especially the central role of women in the prehistoric salt mines.

Victims of the Vikings

52 min.


Why did the Vikings hunt humans? Who were their victims? What impact did the human trafficking of the Vikings have on the Europe of the Middle Ages? This docu-drama seeks out the answers to these questions and illuminates the history of the Vikings and their slaves.

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