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On October 29, the Republic of Türkiye celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Under the symbols of resilience, unity, and progress, a new nation arose, guided by the visionary leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


On this occassion, we are delighted to present you our Universum History Highlight Atatürk - Father of Modern Turkey, a portrait of Atatürk and his intellectual development in an era that looked ahead to the welfare of the European nation-state and its secularism, rather than backward to the Ottoman Empire.

Atatürk – Father of Modern Turkey

1 × 52 min. | HD


The Father of Modern Turkey was a larger-than-life personality and a phenomenon of the zeitgeist at the turn of the last century. Atatürk’s revolution reflected the tensions between tradition, affairs of state and religion prevalent at the time.


Complementing this Universum History Highlight

Are you interested in special programming dedicated to this fascinating region of the world? Take a look at these perfect additions from our colorful catalogue. 


Wild Istanbul

1 × 52 min. | 4K


This stunning metropolis that stretches across two continents is also attracting fascinating wildlife. Istanbul is an important stopover for migratory birds on the North-South route and besides three different species of dolphins even wild boars swim across the Bosporus! 

Blood Lines in the Sand - The Demarcation of the Borders of Sykes-Picot in the Middle East

1 × 52 min. | HD


The Middle East is still one of today’s trouble spots. The fire was already started during WWI when England and France redrew the boarders according to their ideas. The "Sykes Picot Agreement" of 1916 became a symbol of betrayal by the West in the Arab world. 

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